"The world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of the people who are evil; but because of the people who don’t do anything about it." – Albert Einstein

“Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” Albert Einstein

"We in this country, in this generation, are--by destiny rather than choice--the watchmen on the walls of world freedom. We ask, therefore, that we may be worthy of our power and responsibility, that we may exercise our strength with wisdom and restraint, and that we may achieve in our time and for all time the ancient vision of peace on earth, good will toward men. That must always be our goal, and the righteousness of our cause must always underline our strength." John F. Kennedy

"The probability that we may fail in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just." by Abraham Lincoln

"The cause of making the world a better place for children unites us all..." by Liam Neeson

Overall Message

Einstein once said that “the world is a dangerous place to live. Not because of people who are evil: but because of the people who don’t do anything about it”. For the past 3-years, I have been committed to doing something about it and now, in the final stages to the fulfillment of my dream, I am asking for your help to make it a reality. My dream is a world where we are able to use modern technology to tackle the environmental and cultural issues that we face today. Global warming, economic instability, and so many other issues we face as a human race can be solved if we simply band together and fight the good fight.

This is why I have created Meshfire’s Mall and Services INC. in order to help improve our planet’s economy. Though this organization will start and be based in the United States, and eventually expand to over 200 different countries speaking a variety of native languages. Homelessness, starvation, addiction, job security, and so many more things are actually very solvable once we realize that they are merely symptoms of a larger problem. What is needed is a company that is able to positively stimulate the economy without damaging other valuable companies or hurting the little guy in the process. That is why I am here attempting a crowd funding campaign that, to my knowledge, has never been tried before. It is ambitious, but without ambition noting worthwhile has ever been accomplished.

Your donations will help us implement the five stages that are vital for the success of this program. These stages are: 1) Legalities and Validation (the stage we are currently in) 2. Invention Patenting and Manufacturing 3) Researching Funds 4) Business Setup and Development and 5) Worldwide Development and Assistance Program. Your money will help to procure the 300-500 American-based employees we need (plus 5 for each country we are able to add) and will be broken down with 40% being used for company maintenance, 40% for worldwide economic growth, 10% for directly referred affiliate cost saving techniques, and 10% for general support or other contingencies.

Seeing a planet that can truly prosper has been a dream of mine for years. With Meshfire’s Mall and Services INC., we can finally make that dream a reality. An ever improving world is possible, it’s within our grasp, we just have to all come together to actually make it happen.

Introducing the Solution to our Problems

In January of 2013, the basic concept of Meshfire’s Mall and Services INC was created.  That concept, and my dream, was to create a platform in order to utilize modern technology as a way to meet societal needs of the current and future generations.  With all of the environmental and cultural issues we face in this day and age, we find it’s extremely important to find a viable solution so our children can be afforded the luxuries we were not, due to the threat of global warming, economic instability, and various other concerns.  The 3-year process of creating/planning this concept has finally begun to pay off as we take it to the public in order to garner mass support as a beginning to a new age of awareness and realistic solutions.

The global problems we aim to solve will take a lot of time and effort, and they need to be attacked with precision and passion.  With this concept finally ready to get off the ground, it’s time for us to give you the chance to take part in this project… a project I’ve poured my heart and soul into.  While we iron out the final details, it’s imperative we begin to get this information in front of users with the intent to eventually get it out worldwide.  You can now, easily, be a part of this motion by contributing in a multitude of ways including donating, promoting, and assisting the project in more detailed, hands-on formats.  We’ve created a unique crowd-funding style which promotes trust and honesty between the parties involved, and will actually triple your donation values.  Please continue reading to learn more about this amazing opportunity and take one step closer to repairing our problems and changing the world for the better!

After all with the proper environmental solutions through an environmental startup we can see a better environment. Same goes for having a company built on having Economy Solutions we can have a stronger economy through the economy startup. So please help our crowdfunding efforts by telling others about this project funding request.

Quick Overview

The main purpose this startup company, Meshfire’s Mall and Services INC., is to utilize our ability to generate funds and use those funds to improve Earth’s economy.  This company’s goals are widespread, including becoming available in all 214 countries and territories in their native languages. 

Our prime objective: Repairing the economy via creating jobs, helping those who require assistance, and helping to restore the world’s balance for future generations.

The following are the necessary 5 rounds of funding:

            1. Legalities and validations (current stage)
2. Invention Patenting and Manufacturing
3. Researching Funds
4. Business Setup and Development
5. Worldwide Development and Assistance program
It’s important that, to my knowledge, this method of crowd funding has never been attempted before.  We’ve developed this new format hoping to significantly improve the process for contributors.  Many benefits come with this system such as Money Back Guarantees, which ensure the return of any funds (if requested) not used in the completion of a phase for backers who funded an entire phase themselves.  By funding an entire phase, you receive the following benefits:

  • Expected date of completion
  • Progress created by your specific funds
  • Information made available to public with proof and validation of fund usage
  • *Credit certificate
    • Credits are redeemable in the amount one has funded and become available after the full business is set up or post round 4
    • Credits may be used for products, on-site advertising, shopping, services, ETC…
  • Satisfaction of improving the world for our children

Please note we have **C Corporation Status with EIN.  This is just another way to ensure honesty and legitimacy in our path to the future.  This design requires 4 non-profit organizations which can receive funds from just 1 for-profit, maintaining a consistent, self-sufficient structure, which eliminates the reliance for donations.  This 5-part united concept promises all environmental and ecological needs are met with your help through funding.


* Requested unused funds from donation will be removed from earned credits
** For proof or info. please request from customer service

Brief Overview of Issues We Face

Given recent information we’ve obtained about Earth’s instability, including issues such as Global Warming, we realize now that if something isn’t done soon, we may no longer be able to survive on the planet in the years ahead.  These are just some of the problems we deal with as a society:

  • Homelessness: Lack of shelter
  • Starvation: Lack of safe (chemical and toxicity-free) food and water
  • Addiction: Widespread issues including alcohol, drug abuse, ECT…
  • Lack of job security: Inability to find consistent work
  • Finances: Individuals, companies and families struggling to keep afloat
  • Economic instability: Lack of design ensuring upward economic mobility void of recessions
  • Environmental instability: Inability to protect our environment from man-made issues

These are just a few of the common issues many of us are already aware of, but may not be perceptive enough to understand the magnitude.  It becomes quite clear how far we’ve regressed when comparing today’s environmental status to that of the 1800s.  A solution is needed, and I believe we can help.

The Solution

The first step to a solution is in the brief realization that these issues are actually one major issue created by a web of smaller problems.  We need a company to provide economic stimulation in the right way, without stealing customers and hurting other companies which provide a positive economic status.  Our planet’s growth is being halted everyday due to the fact that many people are on the edge of losing everything, unable to find work, food and environmental protection.
We aim to create a precision-built team consisting of 300-500 USA-based employees and approximately 5 employees per non-USA country.  The national employee number disparity comes from the fact that the company was created in The United States; however, the option for international employee growth will always be an option in the future.  Each team of 5 will be responsible for representing their country and any legality that come with it.
The brevity of this section is due to a need to protect our developed company secrets.  Feel free to contact us with any inquiries (English only w/o use of Google translate).

Financial Breakdown

40% - Company Maintenance
40% - Worldwide Economic Growth
10% - Directly Referred Affiliate Cost Saving Techniques
10% - General Support/Other Contingencies


Brief Overview of Stages

  1. Legalities and Validations – Current Stage of Crowd funding
    1. Covers the cost of:
      1. Legal professional consultation for site terms and conditions
      2. PayPal IPN setup and affiliated marketing per the site
      3. Signed affiliate legal disclosure form
      4. 4 non-profits, 501c3 status, and additional legal forms
      5. 1 invention put through company assessment for progress evaluation
      6. Any additional legal and validation forms required
    1. Financial breakdown available below (Stage 1 Breakdown: Legalities and Validations)
  1. Invention Patenting and Manufacturing
    1. Covers the cost of:
      1. All 42 inventions’ PCT Patenting (Worldwide Patent Protection Pending Status)
      2. Assistance in finding manufacturers in fields, such as:
        1. Fishing
        2. Furniture
        3. Bedding
        4. Burial
        5. Various others
    1. This is a key component to generating users, profit for assistance programs, and product/concept protection
    2. Invention completion takes 1-2 years
    3. This is step 2 as it allows all other steps to be completed during process
  1. Researching Funds – Fund usage per this phase is as follows:
    1. Single invention verification with potential 400% farm yield increase (all natural/no greenhouse gasses)
    2. Acquire necessary information pertaining to all countries to prepare for next rounds
    3. Ensure company durability
  2. Business Setup and Development
    1. Covers the cost of:
      1. Development of every aspect of site prior to international implementation of individual needs and customer desires
      2. Staff
      3. Main Location
      4. Various others
  1. Worldwide Development and Assistance Program (Final Phase)
    1. Creating international staff teams
    2. Building wildlife preservation area for animals facing extinction
    3. Preserving information and knowledge on environmental protection


IMPORTANT - If you’d like more detail you will need to contact customer service support on the right hand side when it becomes active. Please note we will answer what we can without giving away trade secrets. In the case this isn't sufficient; you may talk with me after signing a non disclosure agreement where I will be able to disclose the answers to your questions.

Stage 1: Legalities and Validations $60,000

See above for additional information (section: Brief Overview of Stages)

  1. Terms and Conditions - Public disclosure for company and website as well as Use of Company/site: $5,000
  2. PayPal IPN – Setup of affiliate program and insurance that all data is handled correctly between site server and PayPal: $1,000
  3. Documentations for Non Profit Status, 501c3, and EIN for the 4 Non Profits (Funder, Worldwide Assistance, Company Assistance, Public Assistance) - Handles all necessary documentations in order to setup this entire company structure that has been developed to improve the quality of this world and make it stronger than ever: $20,000
  4. Single Invention Test Run via Third Party – This process is used as a way to gauge legitimacy of an invention.  If legitimate, the next round will progress through them.  If not, all 43 inventions will be done in-house.  These inventions generate up to 40% of charitable funds with enormous value pertaining to the needs of our planet in the modern era.  These inventions are meant to cover costs for our vision as opposed to creating a profit: $20,000
  5. All remaining legality and validation based hurdles needing to be covered in order to move onto the next round: $14,000

Stage 1: Public Proof and Validation of Trust and Honesty of Cause

This section will be available after a segment has been fully funded and the task has been completed.  Updates will be added to this section with proof of validated statements as each phase begins and ends. This is the lowest cost round to help create a display of trust and honesty between contributors and employees who will help make this all possible.  We want to cultivate an atmosphere of integrity and pride without the fear of illegitimacy.

Perks / Donating / Sponsoring / Investing

  1. Perks - Located on the right hand side of page (PC/Mac) or at the very bottom (phone).  Perks will vary and take time to acquire.  For example, if you have a perk of a certificate, your certificate points are only applicable to your on-site account once stage 4 is reached.  In the future, perks will be usable in other instances as well, such as in the shopping portion of the site once an invention is ready to be seen by the public.  Other perks will be mentioned within the perks donation area.
  2. Donations - Donating will not have perks included but will be a significant help to getting us to the final stage of development, thus taking a step forward in the process of repairing the world for future generations.
  3. Sponsoring - If you are interested in sponsoring, please email Christopher Jones with the Subject Header "Sponsoring Meshfire's Project for the World" and include contact details as well as any other important information you feel is needed.  While many sponsorship opportunities are available, they will only be accepted if the individual and/or company lead an all-age appropriate lifestyle.  If you check out, you’ll have the option to have your name (or company’s name) listed as a sponsor.
  4. Investing – If you are interested in investing, please email Christopher Jones with the Subject Header, "Investing in Meshfire’s Project for the World", and include contact details, how much you can invest, as well as any other important information you feel is needed.  Please note investing must meet certain criteria to ensure the design and purpose of this company remains intact.  However, you will receive set returns over a set period of time that we negotiate on.  As funds come in from the part you funded ONLY, you will receive an instant return on investment with all incoming profits going straight to you until you regain your entire initial investment.  After that, you’ll receive 10% until the full investment return has been met or the remaining balance at the end of the contract… depending upon which takes place first.

Please note we are accepting all forms at this moment in an attempt to quickly counter the deterioration of our planet before it’s too late.  Ideally, we are aiming for a crowd funding style because it has the least complications on the road to success. Thank you for your time and, again, if you have any questions contact us using the support chat feature on the right portion of the page at the top.  Let’s begin the process to creating a better future together!

More Details

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Perk 1: Terms and Conditions $5,000 in return you get a certificate for 4,850 credits that can be used when site is setup for either products we sell or other purposes. As well as option to have whatever is not needed funding wise returned to you. In addition to updates on what you funded from start to finish. As well as option to have your name registered in the terms and conditions as person who made it possible.

Perk 2: Paypal IPN $1,000 you will receive a certificate for 970 credits following the same criteria as the first perk. As well as updates on the task start to finish.

Perk 3: Non Profit Documentations and Legal Work $20,000 you will receive a certificate for 19,400 credits following the same criteria as the first perk. As well as updates on the task start to finish.

Perk 4: Invention Test $20,000 you will receive a certificate for 19,400 credits following the same criteria as the first perk. As well as updates on the task start to finish. In addition to if you want you will receive the very first one produced for consumers by manufacturer.

Perk 5: Remaining Parts $14,000 you will receive a certificate for 13,580 credits following the same criteria as the first perk. As well as updates on the task start to finish.